PGP Hall

PGP Hall was constructed in 1965. It was then declared open by the First President of Singapore, Encik Yusof bin Ishak. The construction of the hall in the 60s was funded by philanthropist P Govindasamy Pillai, after whom the hall has been named.

The hall was rebuilt in 2014 and was officially opened by former President of Singapore, Mr S R Nathan. PGP Hall which has been rebuilt at a cost of $8 million is a 3-storey complex that houses a 7600 sq ft atrium on the ground floor; a 2-tiered auditorium with 560 seats on the second floor and a 1600 sq ft multi-purpose hall on the third floor.

The multi-purpose hall built is equipped with state of the art facilities including an integrated sound and lighting system making it an ideal venue for weddings, cultural performances, seminars, meetings, religious discourses and social gatherings.