Auditorium (Level 2)

Suitable for weddings, cultural performances, and religious discourse.

  • Main Auditorium - 522 Seats with ample legroom
  • Changing Rooms - Fully equipped changing rooms for bride and groom, and performance groups
  • Stage - 12m (width) by 8.7m (depth) Very spacious for weddings, can host a 20 piece orchestra or a dance ensemble of 15 performers
  • Fully integrated audiovisual and lighting system
  • Projector and screen for photo montage
  • Gallery Seats - Extension of the Auditorium. Suitable for hosting VIPs and special guests.
  • Wheelchair Lifts - Two wheelchair lifts on both sides provides easy access to the stage for the wheelchair-bound and physically challenged
  • Handicap Toilets - Can be accessed by wheelchair-bound in the auditorium.
  • Foyer - Holding area for guests when the auditorium is in use. Can also be used for event registration and art exhibition
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